Scheveningen -The Track

Ride the track along on the steer of elite rider Henry Kes (2016).

The start wil be at the boulevard, in the front of the Kurhaus. The competitors will start in a southern direction and will cycle towards the harbor. At the harbor there will be a turning point which will lead the cyclists into northern directions to the city of Katwijk after 15 km the competitors will reach Katwijk. The competitors will leave the beach for a steep climb on a dune. They will wil head out to a southern direction over a bike path trough the dunes for about 2,5 kilometers. The competitors will then return to the beach through a steep climb and descent and head back in a southern direction to Scheveningen. After passing the Pier the competitors wil head to the boulevard where they will be racing for a few hundred meter to the start/finish. The participants of the 27,45 kilometers run will now finish. The participants of the 54 kilometer run will do the same round one more time.

Start in Scheveningen.

Turningpoint Katwijk


Thema door Anders Norén

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