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The European Championship MTB Beachrace is an official UEC Championship. Therefor the technical guide of the UEC is additional to the rules/guidelines below.
During the event there also will be an recreational competition under the control of the KNWU.

The organisation will try to secure the safety of every competitor by giving them advise and support in the field of traffic, health and safety. Since each participant is responsible for his own material and behavior we ask you to read the following carefully before you register for the European Championships MTB Beachrace in Scheveningen.

1 General conditions

1.1 The participant under the age of 18 may only participate on the responsibility of his or her parents / guardians. (handing in this form signed upon registration)

1.2 The participant agrees with the possible use of their image in print, on photo, film, video, etc. for the promotional purpose of the organization, being Endurance Sports, without claiming compensation for it.

1.3 The personal data provided by the participant are recorded by the organization in a file that is stored on a secure server. By participating in the event, the participant grants, subject to registration, permission to the organization to use personal data for sending information to the participants.

1.4 When registering, the participant agrees to publish his name in start lists and match results as in publications on the internet, newspapers and magazines.


2 Statement Participant

By registering for the European Championship MTB Beachrace, participants declare the following:

2.1 Participant is aware that participation is entirely at your own risk.

2.2 The participant is aware that the course is not closed for other beach visitors and will respect other beach visitors.

2.3 The participant will respect the environment and nature, so there will be no waste left behind.

2.4 The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage that he or a surviving relative might suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by his participation in the Event.

2.5 The participant indemnifies the organizer for liability for damage that third parties may suffer as a result of an act or omission attributable to a participant in relation to the event. The participant must be sufficiently insured against the risk of liability for the said damage

2.6 The participant is in good physical and mental health



3 Liability of the organization

3.1 The organization is in no way liable for accidents, material or immaterial damage or loss and / or theft of personal objects of the participants and supporters.

3.2 The organization accepts no responsibility if the event is modified or canceled due to force majeure.


4 Cancel participation

4.1 If canceled up to 2 weeks before the event, the participant will be refunded his registration fee minus € 2.50 administration costs.

4.2 Within two weeks before the event, a participation can no longer be canceled. However, the start number can be transferred. This in consultation with the organization

4.3 If the competition has to be canceled by the organization due to force majeure, no refund of the registration fee will take place


5 Competition rules

5.1 The material of participants in the competition must be in accordance with the UCI / KNWU regulations.

5.2 The participant is not allowed to participate in the race on a bicycle other than a mountain bike.

5.3 The participant in the competition is not allowed to cycle on a mountain bike with any form of pedal assistance

5.4 The participant must attach the steernumber with chip, in front of the steer and possibly the back number (on the back of the competitor) in the correct place. If this is not done correctly, the participant can not participate in the competition. It is also forbidden to cut off / fold sponsor logos of the number.

5.5 The participant must position himself in the correct starting area. This is indicated with large signs with numbers at the entrances of the start boxes.

5.6 Starting boxes may only be entered via the indicated inputs. from the specified times.

5.7 The participants are expected to know the course as well as to recognize the signage. Wrong driving is always on your own responsibility and can not be recovered from the organization.

5.8 Only participants who have covered the entire course will be included in the result

5.9 Wearing a crash helmet is mandatory.

5.10 The bike must be in good condition, with working front and rear brake

5.11 Front and rear wheel must not exceed 29 inches

5.12 No bars or attachments may be used

5.13 Drafting behind vehicles is forbidden

5.14 Participants must immediately follow the instructions of the organization and marshalls.

5.15 Participants must cycle an average speed of at least 16 km per hour to be included in the results

5.16 Participants may be excluded from unauthorized behavior, failure to comply with the traffic regulations and non-compliance with instructions from the police and organization of further participation.

5.17 The organization may deny a participant participation if the participant does not comply with the regulations or behaves in an unsportsmanlike way

5.18 The organization may withdraw a participant from the competition for medical reasons.

5.19 The organization can change the result to one week after the event after finding inaccuracies.

5.20 An awarded (money) prize must be collected by the participant on the competition day after the prize giving ceremony.

5.21 In all cases where the regulations do not provide, the organization decides.

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